Marina “Crypto Marina” Petrichenko

Marina is a growth specialist passionate about innovative tech, privacy and decentralization. During the last 10 years she was leading marketing/BD/growth activities at dozens Web3 companies, including Dapper Labs, Flow Blockchain, Nym Technologies, and others.
Last 4 years Marina has been focusing on scaling privacy preserving projects and has become a privacy advocate.

Currently Marina is Growth Lead at Institute of Free Technology (Waku Ecosystem Development Team Lead ).

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Panel: Unraveling the Cypherpunk Legacy: Privacy, Security, and Freedom
andrea, Pavol Luptak, Sterlin Lujan, Marina “Crypto Marina” Petrichenko

A panel discussion that delves into the foundational principles of the Cypherpunk movement and their enduring relevance in today’s environment of widespread surveillance and data collection. The discussion explores how Cypherpunk ideals continue to shape our understanding of privacy, security, and personal freedom.

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