Sterlin Lujan

Sterlin Lujan is an author, futurist, public speaker, nomad, and crypto-anarchist. He has worked in the cryptocurrency industry for over eight years and has written about anarchist political ideas and technology for 15 years.

He is the author of “Dignity & Decency: Rhapsodic Musings of a Modern Anarchist.” The book is a collected work that promotes absolute freedom, compassionate anarchy, and the abolition of governments. He has worked for and consulted with some top cryptocurrency businesses, including and the Status organization.

Sterlin has also spoken at many technology events on topics ranging from voluntaryism, communication, cryptocurrency, agorism, cypherpunks, and the future of technology. These events include Blockshow, the Texas Bitcoin Conference, Anarchapulco, and the Greater Reset.

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A Return to Cypherpunk Values
Sterlin Lujan

Going to provide a talk on returning to cypher punk values and discarding the crypto casino mentality. I will explain what "cypherpunk" means and why the crypto casino does not align with those anti-establishment and anti-authoritarian values. In the second part of the talk, I will discuss the importance of developing a "dark forest" infrastructure, a la Dark Fi, and how to protect ourselves as we push forward for greater and greater freedom, both online and in the meat space. In the final part of the talk, I will discuss what the unification of all "punk" values could look like and why this type of unification is critical.

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Panel: Unraveling the Cypherpunk Legacy: Privacy, Security, and Freedom
andrea, Pavol Luptak, Sterlin Lujan, Marina “Crypto Marina” Petrichenko

A panel discussion that delves into the foundational principles of the Cypherpunk movement and their enduring relevance in today’s environment of widespread surveillance and data collection. The discussion explores how Cypherpunk ideals continue to shape our understanding of privacy, security, and personal freedom.

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