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Scaling Monero in Response to Blockchain Surveillance
Francisco Cabanas (ArticMine)

The current regulatory environment provides serious challenges to the privacy offered by Monero. This can range from Blockchain Surveillance companies making false accusations to the risk of Flood XMR attacks in an attempt to de-anonimize Monero’s ring signatures. The ultimate goal is to remove even the illusion of Blockchain Surveillance. This will require full membership proofs together with a sizable growth in organic Monero adoption. The larger the organic growth the stronger the anonymity set.
We will provide a comprehensive set of scaling and fee algorithms that will support a reference transaction size of up to 8000 bytes. This will support the estimated 2 in 2 out transaction size for full membership proofs of approximately 5500 bytes and will even support a ring size of up to 64 using the current proofs as an interim measure. This will further harden the network against Flood XMR by lowering the ratio between the minimum penalty free zone and reference transaction size from 100x to 50x, and by more tightly pricing the growth of the short term median by reducing the surge of the short term median over the long term median from 50x to 16x, while at the same time transferring the growth to the tightly priced long term median. The latter rate of growth will increase from 1.7x to 2x. In addition an ultra long term median of 1,000,000 blocks will be proposed that will cap the overall growth of the network to Nielsen's Law of Internet Bandwidth for a high end consumer or small business upload Internet connection.

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