Compunero, PhD

With a robust background in computer science, I have recently developed a keen interest in Monero for its emphasis on privacy. Over the course of my career, spanning more than 15 years, I have acquired extensive experience in both technology companies and academia, with a primary focus on cloud security, machine learning, on-premise network security, and behavioral analytics. In my most recent endeavors, I have embarked on a new venture in private cloud management, a domain that blends the intricacies of virtualization and on-premise security. With a firm commitment to driving progress and embracing emerging technologies, I am excited to explore the transformative potential of Monero's evolving landscape.

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A Primer on Elliptic Curve Cryptography and Its Application in Monero
Compunero, PhD

This talk is an introduction to Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC). Attendees are expected to have a basic to intermediate understanding of the field.

To begin, we will cover the basic principles of asymmetric cryptography. We then discuss ECC curves and security, along with a comparison of asymmetric non-ECC with ECC. Finally, we will cover the mathematical principles behind ECC, including the fundamental mathematical operations, and how elliptic curves are applied in Monero's cryptographic mechanisms.

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