Aaron Feickert

Aaron is Head of Research at Cypher Stack, an applied cryptography research and development consultancy.

  • How Do We Design Secure Protocols?
  • Aura: Using Privacy-Respecting Technology to Build Secure Voting
Abdullah Khan
  • Remote-Workshop: Nodo: A Monero Node
Adrian Truszczyński
  • Whispers in the Ether - Harnessing decentralisation for anonymous Chat


  • Workshop: Building a NextJS Webapp with Monero-ts
Alexis Roussel
  • Pushing Back Against Regulatory Overreach: The case of Bity vs. Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA)
Amir Taaki
  • Manifesto for a Dark Renaissance: Anonymity as Hard Offensive Power

High school teacher of history and philosophy.
PhD in philosophy.
Privacy and liberty lover.

  • Privacy as a Kantian-Misesian a priori condition for the preservation of property rights
  • Panel: Unraveling the Cypherpunk Legacy: Privacy, Security, and Freedom
Andriy Khavryuchenko
  • Practicing Anarchism
  • The Monero Country
Ariel Gabizon
  • FFT's on the projective line and circle-STARKs
  • Whispers in the Ether - Harnessing decentralisation for anonymous Chat
BTCPay Server
  • Documentary: My Trust in You Is Broken [2024]
  • Workshop: BasicSwap DEX Demo
  • BasicSwap: An Atomic Swap DEX for Monero
Chris Cofer
  • Documentary: The Monopoly on Violence [2020]
  • Sovereign Money and Freedom. Where to From Here?
Compunero, PhD

With a robust background in computer science, I have recently developed a keen interest in Monero for its emphasis on privacy. Over the course of my career, spanning more than 15 years, I have acquired extensive experience in both technology companies and academia, with a primary focus on cloud security, machine learning, on-premise network security, and behavioral analytics. In my most recent endeavors, I have embarked on a new venture in private cloud management, a domain that blends the intricacies of virtualization and on-premise security. With a firm commitment to driving progress and embracing emerging technologies, I am excited to explore the transformative potential of Monero's evolving landscape.

  • A Primer on Elliptic Curve Cryptography and Its Application in Monero
  • Workshop: Anonymous Ecosystems w/ DarkFi
Dimi "m2049r" Divak
  • SideKick!
Evgeny Poberezkin
  • Workshop: SimpleX Chat - the first messaging platform without user IDs - how to setup dual-host messaging and file servers with both clearnet and .onion address.
  • SimpleX Chat - the first messaging platform without user IDs aiming to bridge the gap between privacy-focussed and mass-market applications.
Francisco Cabanas (ArticMine)
  • Scaling Monero in Response to Blockchain Surveillance
James Corbett
  • Documentary: Century of Enslavement: The History of The Federal Reserve [2014]
Jan Jílek

Jan is a lawyer at Blockchain Legal, a Prague-based law firm specializing in crypto. Also a blogger publishing articles about Bitcoin and crypto inheritance, and a Bitcoin enthusiast.

  • Self-custody Inheritance and Its Risks
  • Filter-Assist Keys and Flexible View-Tags: More Private and Adjustable Light Wallets
Jeremy Rand

I'm the Lead Application Engineer at The Namecoin Project, with a development focus on public key infrastructure and anonymity. Outside of Namecoin, I volunteer with Kicksecure/Whonix and enjoy porting software to POWER9.

  • Human-Meaningful, Trustless, Anonymous Monero Addresses with Namecoin
John Winter Murphy

I am a longtime user of open source software and Monero. I am currently professor of engineering at Cecil College and work on lots of other stuff.

  • Monero is Free and Open Source Software
Juraj Bednar
  • Cypherpunk: Past, present and future
Liam Eagen
  • Bulletproofs++
Luke 'Kayaba' Parker
  • Serai: Decentralizing Exchanges for Monero
  • Unorthodox Cryptography to Scale Monero
  • Full-chain Membership Proofs++
  • Private Smart Contracts: A Way to Bring Programmability to Monero
Marina “Crypto Marina” Petrichenko

Marina is a growth specialist passionate about innovative tech, privacy and decentralization. During the last 10 years she was leading marketing/BD/growth activities at dozens Web3 companies, including Dapper Labs, Flow Blockchain, Nym Technologies, and others.
Last 4 years Marina has been focusing on scaling privacy preserving projects and has become a privacy advocate.

Currently Marina is Growth Lead at Institute of Free Technology (Waku Ecosystem Development Team Lead ).

This speaker also appears in: DeFi security in an age of web3

  • Panel: Unraveling the Cypherpunk Legacy: Privacy, Security, and Freedom
Mark Simkin
  • OCash: Fully Anonymous Payments between Blockchain Light Clients
Matthias Tarasiewicz
  • Nurturing Decentralization in the Age of Digital Commons
  • Workshop: Critical Decentralisation Cluster at 38C3
Mike (Stringhandler)
  • Achieving various levels of confidentiality in Tari
  • Remote: An overview of the aspects of Townforge related to privacy, security and censorship resistance
Mykola Siusko
  • Web3Privacy now: advocating for privacy 24/7/365
Pavol Luptak

Cryptoanarchist, voluntaryist, perpetual traveler focused on technology and society hacking.

  • Panel: Unraveling the Cypherpunk Legacy: Privacy, Security, and Freedom
  • Will the new rich and powerful libertarians and cryptoanarchists save the world from dystopia?
  • Workshop: Building a Monero Shop in PHP
  • Monerica - a directory for a Monero circular economy
  • P2P Networking: Permissionless Approach with Robust Rate Limiting

Nym DevRel, privacy researcher, anti-surveillance advocate on the quest for peoples freedom through autonomy.


  • Workshop: Monero <> NYM - Bulletproof Privacy
  • Monero Maps: Widening Adoption of Monero
  • Implementing Confidential Assets in PoW/PoS Private Blockchain: The Zano Experience
Stanley Bondi
  • Workshop: Developing Private Smart Contracts With Tari
Stefanos Chaliasos
  • SoK: What don't we know? Understanding Security Vulnerabilities in SNARKs
Sterlin Lujan

Sterlin Lujan is an author, futurist, public speaker, nomad, and crypto-anarchist. He has worked in the cryptocurrency industry for over eight years and has written about anarchist political ideas and technology for 15 years.

He is the author of “Dignity & Decency: Rhapsodic Musings of a Modern Anarchist.” The book is a collected work that promotes absolute freedom, compassionate anarchy, and the abolition of governments. He has worked for and consulted with some top cryptocurrency businesses, including bitcoin.com and the Status organization.

Sterlin has also spoken at many technology events on topics ranging from voluntaryism, communication, cryptocurrency, agorism, cypherpunks, and the future of technology. These events include Blockshow, the Texas Bitcoin Conference, Anarchapulco, and the Greater Reset.

  • A Return to Cypherpunk Values
  • Panel: Unraveling the Cypherpunk Legacy: Privacy, Security, and Freedom
Tomáš Elbert

Tomas is an attorney-at-law at Blockchain Legal, a Prague-based law firm, specializing in cryptoregulation, litigation, and inheritance planning. A Bitcoiner at heart and a passionate crypto enthusiast.

  • Self-custody Inheritance and Its Risks

I’m a privacy, security, and Monero advocate.
I host privacy services at tux.pizza and do operations at Cake Wallet

  • Workshop: GrapheneOS for Mobile Privacy